Character Creator or Creator allows users to customize and make one-of-a-kind artwork by using what the artist has uploaded onto the Artist Dashboard. Customizations include:

  • repositioning
  • rotating
  • resizing
  • changing colors
  • changing forms
  • applying weapon scabbard
  • organizing layers of all visible parts

Sample character creator

1. Inside your account's Artist Dashboard, there's a character creator sample. Click "See Example" to view it.

2. Once the loading is done, click "Edit" to make any changes to the creator and see how each function works.

3. If you wish to reset the character creator, click "Reset," and all the edits made to the character creator will be undone.

There are 2 types of Character creators on the website; Free and Premium. Learn how to set your character creator to Premium.


There's no limit on how many artworks you can create or download from both the Premium and Free character creators. The only limit is how many characters you can store in your account's library.

  • Non-login (guest) account can store up to 3 characters
  • Registered account can store up to 50 characters

Type 1: Free creator

- Users can play the creator for free

- View Free creator sample

Type 2: Premium creator

- Users have to purchase the creator in order to have access to and play it

- View Premium creator sample

Learn how to set your character creator to Premium.