The Artist Program allows you to earn income every time:

  • there is an order placed using your artwork.
  • someone purchased your Premium creator

This program is made especially for artists, as it is our vision for artists around the world to enjoy this new revenue stream. This allows you to focus on your craft and fill the world with creativity.


  • Bulk upload
  • Duplicate artwork
  • Icons giveaway. Download
  • Accept donations button
  • Any artists around the world can publish their own character creator


  • Zero upfront cost to join the program
  • Get paid in your country's currency
  • Secured payout straight to your bank account
  • Leave it to Storior is manage and fulfill orders
  • Passive income especially made for artists
  • Get more fans through free marketing

To start receiving revenue with your character creator, apply to the Artist Program and go inside the character creator's settings. Under the Artist Program section, you will see 2 toggles:

  1. Allow purchase of goods using designs made by this creator = By turning this toggle on, you allow customers to purchase your art in a form of physical goods and digital goods e.g. mug, t-shirt, poster, or digital art.
  2. Premium creator = By turning this toggle on, your creator isn't free to play. Customers will need to purchase your creator in order to have access to it. When you turn this toggle on, you can also set the price of your Premium creator.

How to apply to the Artist Program?

Want to get on the waitlist?

Fill in this Waitlist form and we will notify you as soon as the Artist Program is available in your country.

Important notes

  • In most cases, our customer support will talk to your customers for you so that you can focus on your art. If we need your coordination, we will contact you directly to help resolve the issue.
  • Revenue sharing details