1. Log in and go to Artist Dashboard > My Creators.

2. Inside My Creators, click on "+" to create a new character creator.

3. Add the following details to your character creator:

  • Add your character creator's name and description. They will appear on your creator details page.
  • Add a new tag for your character creator. This will help people find your creator through keyword search.
  • Input the width and the height of your artwork's total canvas size (pixel). All artwork uploaded to this character creator should be the same size as the canvas size. Recommended size is 4000x4000px.
  • Upload PNG watermark image. The background should be transparent and should have the same size as the canvas. The watermark will appear on every downloadable image made by this character creator.
  • Upload cover image which should have 1:1 ratio.

Creator details page sample

4. Featuring media (optional)

You can upload featuring media to the character creator.

  • Desktop image/video size 2880x1080 (.png/mp4)
  • Mobile image/video size 750x1200 (.png/mp4)

Desktop featuring media on creator details page sample

Mobile featuring media on creator details page sample

5. Start earning through the artist program

5.1  Allow purchase of goods using designs made by this creator

  • If you turn this toggle on, it means that whenever the users purchase t-shirt, mug, poster or digital artwork, they can choose the designs made by this creator.
  • If you have not joined the Artist Program and have the toggle turned on, the revenue gained will NOT be shared with you. Instead, it will go to support the website’s maintenance and operations.

  • Then you have to upload a high-resolution image sample of this character creator. This is to show the users who are looking to purchase the digital artwork what the image quality would be like. It must not have any watermark on it and must be the same size as the canvas.

  • Once the creator is published, this image sample could be found in: Products > Digital artwork > Select a design made by this creator > Download sample

6. After you're done filling in the details and uploading the files, you can click "Create character creator."

7. The character creator you just made will appear inside My Creators.