The character creator menu has 3 levels:

A. Main

B. Category

C. Subcategory.

Here is how it appears on the character creator.

How to add Main

1. Go to My Creators > Character creator you already created > Edit

2. Click "Add main"

3. Fill in the Main's name and upload its icon.

4. Click "Add" when you're done.

5. The Main you have added will appear here.

How to add Category

1. Go to the Main you wish to create a Category inside and click "Edit."

2. For every Main you created, there will be a Category automatically added named First Category. If you wish to rename it, click the pen icon next to the name.

Here, the First Category was renamed Head shape. Click "Edit" when you're done renaming.

3. If you wish to create a new Category, click "Add category."

4. Fill in the name of the Category and click "Add" when you're done.

5. The new Category will appear under the Head shape Category like this.

How to add Subcategory

1. Go to the Category you wish to create a Subcategory inside and click "Add sub-category." In this example, new Subcategory is created inside Hair Category.

2. Fill in the Subcategory details:

  • Name the Subcategory
  • Choose type
    • Single = For artwork that has only one side e.g. nose, mouth
    • Left and Right = For artwork that has two sides e.g. eyes, eyebrows, ears, hands

Left and right type sample

  • Select option
    • Required = Users are required to select the customization
    • Can leave blank = User can leave this customization blank. The character creator will have a remove button if "Can leave blank" is selected.

Can Leave blank option sample

  • Upload Subcategory icon

3. Click "Add" when you're done.

4. In this sample, three Subcategories are added under Hair Category.