Method 1: In-program script

To upload your artwork to Storior's Artist Dashboard, you must first prepare all the artwork PNG files. The quickest way to do this is to arrange different artwork parts into separated layers. Then you can export each layer into a PNG file all in one go using the Photoshop feature.

1. To export the layers into PNG files, go to File > Export > Layer to files

2. Choose the destination folder you wish your exported files to go to.

Choose File Type as "PNG-24" to get the highest resolution image.

Inside PNG-24 Options, check on the Transparency box so that your image have a transparent background.

3. Click "Run" when you are ready to export. Basing on how many layers you have, this may take several minutes.

If you have a very big PSD file with more than 30 layers, we recommend you export one layer folder at a time or use Method 2 (listed below).

For example, here we delete all other folders and begin to export only "Tail" folder first.

This can prevent your Photoshop from freezing or crashing.

Method 2 External program script - Recommended

This external program script provides a much faster way to export layers to files compared to the in-program script above. Follow the link below to download the script and learn how to use it.

How to use

1. Go to the releases page and download the most recent release.

2. In Photoshop go to File -> Scripts -> Browse... and select the Export Layers To Files (Fast).jsx file you just downloaded.

3. Choose the settings as followed:

  • Choose Output Destination - where you wish the exported files to go to
  • For Filenames, choose "Use layer name."
  • For Output Options, choose "Group as Folders"
  • For Export As, choose PNG-24 and tick "Transparency"

4. Click "Run"

Name your files numerically so it's ready for bulk upload.